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Bumping into the Rockstar: A BBW Sweet Romance with a Rockstar (Bumping Into ... Book 1)

Big and beautiful Jenna cares for her ailing father during the day and works long shifts at the bar of the Live Music Hall in Providence in the evenings. Achieving her dream of finishing design school to create lovely pieces of jewelry seems so far away.  

Rising rockstar, Jimmy, comes back to his hometown for a secret, one-night performance. In his mind, it’s time for a change, but he never expects that change to include a sweet blast from his past. Sparks fly, but when his ultra-controlling manager inserts his opinion into everything, their fate seems to meet its end.

Bumping into the Rockstar is a clean and wholesome, plus-sized romance of swoon-worthy heroes and uplifting endings.

Choosing Baker's Corner

Linda Hilty is deeply troubled. Her parents want to move to the nearest city, Morrington, and even more shocking, they want to leave the Amish faith. Linda’s younger sisters don’t want to go. Neither does she—there is the possibility of courtship with the handsome woodworker, Thomas Schwartz. How can Linda leave her community and the man who makes her heart beat so fast?

But Linda is tempted away by the promise of further schooling, and she accompanies her family to Morrington to start her life as an Englischer. She begins her studies at the local community college, but it is a strange and bewildering new world. She can freely study, something she has always longed to do—but Thomas wants her to back in Baker’s Corner. And now, a handsome Englischer has asked her out.

Can Linda truly embrace her new life and forget her old? Will Thomas ever understand her choices? Ultimately, a crisis presses the issue. Must Linda now give up everything she holds dear?

The Bride and the Marriage Agency: A Sweet & Inspirational Western Historical Romance (Mail Order Brides of Lawton City)

Grace Bailey hates factory work. When she hears that one of her co-workers is heading west to be a Mail Order Bride, she decides to risk it all and go, too. Arriving in Wyoming, she meets her fiancé, Marshall Harris. Things get off to a rocky start, and just as they begin to improve, trouble strikes. A greedy land-owner wants Marshall’s land, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it. Even murder.

A ranch hand is killed, and Grace panics. She never wanted this kind of existence. When Marshall’s life hangs in the balance, Grace discovers the true measure of love and solidarity. She hopes it is enough.

The Viscount's Summer Love

When George Hallingbrook unexpectedly finds himself a viscount at the age of twenty-four, he returns home to Upper Nettlefold. There he hopes to rekindle his acquaintance with Isabella Rutherford, for whom he has long harbored an attraction. Isabella doesn’t seem interested in renewing their friendship, however: she’s currently seeing the dishonourable Felton Banfield, a dashing, wealthy businessman with a habit of wasting money on gambling.

In Upper Nettlefold, George runs into another old friend, Marianne Jones. Marianne has secretly fancied him for nearly a decade, since before he left for war and distinguished himself by saving Felton’s life. They talk briefly and both admit that they’re smitten with people who seem hopelessly out of reach. Marianne suggests a pact—they agree to do whatever it takes to win the hand of the person they love. Marianne doesn’t think this through; this will put her directly at odds with George, who is as much enamoured with Isabella as she is with him.

When someone breaks into George’s home, George suspects Felton may have hired him with the intention of killing him. Fleeing to Marianne’s house, he tells her that his one hope of exposing Felton is by travelling to London to infiltrate his gambling circle.

Long-buried secrets and suppressed infatuations soon come to light—threatening to destroy George’s relationships, his reputation, and everything he holds dear—including Marianne.

The Earl's Engagement (Love at Sea Book 1)

A ship, a dilemma, and a dangerously attractive faux fiance...

Lady Anne Travers’ family fortune has been lost due to bad investments. Ruin seems inevitable. The only solution is to win back wealthy Lord Owen Phipps, the cheating fiance she recently spurned.

When she hires handsome actor Michael Edgerton to play her faux fiance and make Owen jealous, sparks fly and nothing goes as planned.

As Anne, Michael, Owen, and Owen’s new fiancee sail back to England on the S.S. Oceanic, almost anything can happen… and it does.

Can Anne save her family - and her dignity - without compromising her future happiness?

Amish Secrets

He Thought No One Knew His Horrible Secret

When Abigail's family falls into hard times and is set to lose their farm, her family makes a heart-wrenching decision which turns Abigail's world upside down.

Her heart once belonged to Caleb but when he left their community without saying goodbye, she vowed to forget him. But Caleb is back, now a cold-hearted man with a deep and painful secret. When an arrangement is made between Abigail and Caleb, she is secretly thrilled, as her heart still yearns for him. But when she confesses to Caleb that she knows his secret, a shocked Caleb pushes her away - until a new man enters Abigail's life. Can Caleb win Abigail's heart or will she destroy him with his horrible secret?

Romantic Love Collection: 15 Book Box Set

Great Value! 15 Book Box Set of Contemporary Christian romance, Regency romance and Scottish Highland romance stories for a very special price of 99c, limited time only!

Be swept away by love in the Regency era, the Scottish Highlands and modern time with these romance stories by 3 best-selling authors.

From Sophia Wilson

The Duke's Redemption
The Duke's Unveiling
The Duke's Destiny
The Duke's Temptation
Captivating the Duke

From Blair Keith

The Highlander’s Secret Love
Highland Prisoner
Highland Deceit
Highland Heartbreak
Highland Yearning

From Grace Thomas
A Portrait of Destiny
Words Not Spoken
Christmas Hearts
Christmas Magic
Shattered Memories

Homecoming Dress Disaster (Perfect Dress-Right Guy Books Book 1)

Sweet, high school, bully romance with the perfect dress... and right guy... on the line!
Gabby Hartford found the perfect homecoming dress, but she's $50 short of making the final payment and time is running out. An opportunity to earn the money comes from the one guy in school she avoids like the plague, Ben Volkmer. Even with their mothers' mysterious demands to not have anything to do with each other, there's an instant and intense connection. But when Gabby discovers Ben's going to homecoming with Rachel, the bully girl who can make Gabby's life miserable, and Ben makes a mistake that threatens Gabby's life... the dress and what could've been between them seem like only a dream.
Can the perfect dress and the right guy happen? Find out now!

The Englisch Child

Rebecca Bechler is a good Amish young woman and when her shunned cousin dies, she has no hesitation in taking in her five-year-old daughter, Brooke.

Rebecca's father, Noah, feels it is a mistake. Brooke is not of their world and her mother didn't want to be Amish so why should they care? But Rebecca knows her father is hurting inside. He has never been the same since her mother's death. And he's an angry man, angry at those who leave and come back.

Timothy Umble is in love with Rebecca but Noah dislikes him because Timothy is one who left and then returned. Yet Rebecca is unaware of Timothy's unrequited love. When Timothy offers to collect Brooke, it is yet another reason for Noah to dislike him.

Rebecca resigns herself to the fact that she will never marry nor have children of her own. Even before Brooke's arrival, Rebecca had resolved never to leave her father.

Timothy feels the time is right to declare his love to Rebecca. She will need help and support with the Englisch child.

Now with motherhood thrust upon her, Rebecca finds the going difficult as she tries to keep the peace between her father and Brooke who has her mother's mannerisms. How can she think about love?

The Jilted Bride

Brianna Jones has been left standing at the altar, humiliated and desperate. Brianna is only 23 years old and believes that she is all alone in the world. The one man she thought loved her, didn’t even show up for their wedding. What will she do to recover from the embarrassment?

She only has a few choices, and she won’t stoop to the level of becoming a woman of the night. So instead she buys a copy of the Matrimonial Times. She decides to take her chances with someone she’s never met.

Little does she know that the man she accepts the proposal from, has no idea that he wrote to her. It was his mother and she really wants her boy to grow up and get a wife and have children.

What could possibly go wrong when she shows up and he tells her he has absolutely no clue who she is?

Highland Soul

The 20-year-old Donald Cameron had everything he could ever want. He was young, wealthy and next in line to be the laird of Clan Cameron. And yet he had a void in his soul nobody could fulfill.

It was not until he met the blacksmith’s daughter that his whole life turned around. Suddenly, Donald did things he never imagined he would do. Would the laird accept their love or condemn Donald into a life of a loveless marriage with Margaret, his enemy’s daughter, for the sake of a truce?

The adventure takes massive turns as Donald goes on a self-journey to figure out what he really wants in life for himself. Will he continue to be a dutiful son and do what was right for the clan or betray all and pursue the one happiness he never had before now?

The Single Dad

Lacey Riley enjoys her work teaching at St. Ives, but she’s had to lean on God’s guidance to help out a student who has recently been misbehaving. Lewis Brock has always been one of her favorite students, but he’s showing signs of problems at home. Uncertain what she should do, she reaches out to his parents, not realizing that his parents have recently passed away. Lewis is under the care of his uncle, a man that is handsome, charming, and completely unprepared to be a father in these circumstances.

Rhys Harper is struggling to grasp the concept of being a single dad to Lewis, especially when he’s trying to tamp down the sadness he still feels for losing his brother and sister-in-law so early in life. He feels like he’s sinking, having not been prepared for trying to teach a child who’s going through the same sorrow and grief. Uncertain of where to turn, Miss Riley is the definition of a godsend, helping in more than just math and science.

When Lacey agrees to help Rhys, he’s immensely grateful. And not just about Lewis, but about the peace and enjoyment of life that her presence brings to both of them. She’s like a breath of fresh air, or a lifejacket when he desperately needs one. But she’s reluctant to cross any lines while Lewis is their main priority.

Rhys is committed to both his desire to be a good parent figure to Lewis, but also to show the boy that true love exists, and that one has to have the strength and tenacity to reach out and grab it when it waltzes by. He’ll do anything to show Lacey that what they’re feeling is so much more than just the two of them – so much more than just a passing fling. What he feels for her is strong and right – and he’s not going to let go. But how will he convince the pretty, driven schoolteacher that his feelings are genuine and that they've developed into a love that can sustain them both if she'll only let him in?

Restoring Lady Alice

Book One in the Dunsmore Heritage series. A brave gentleman, an unlikely governess, an unscrupulous Baron, a truth revealed, an unexpected love.

Alice Lambton was not looking for love, and never expected to find it as a governess, especially in the home of the cruel Baron of Waterford and his unhappy young wife Jane, Lady Waterford

Frederick Parch, a legal clerk and house guest of the Baron, is eager to complete his task and return to the peace of his own home in Upper Nettlefold. Yet when Lord Waterford is unbearably brutal to his wife, and devises callous plans for Alice and the wealthy, reclusive Dowager Countess of Dunsmore, Fredrick finds himself unable to remain impartial toward his employer and defends the women at the risk of incurring the Baron’s wrath.

Events become dangerous and as Alice and Frederick struggle through the maze of deceit that entangles them, their attraction becomes undeniable, yet must remain unspoken, for fear of wide-reaching repercussions.

What has driven the Baron to such cruelty? Can Frederick Parch stop the Baron from perpetrating a terrible deceit? Why is the Dowager Countess of Dunsmore so interested in Alice? Can love find a way through all of the lies of the past and present? Or will destiny force Alice and Frederick apart?

If you enjoy clean Regency Romance books you really should add Lydia Pembroke to your reading list.

His Bride's Reluctance to Family

Clara Barrows is no stranger to life’s hardships. She has survived the cruel streets of Chicago. Her mother passed away when she was young and she has been alone since her father was sent to prison. Seeing an escape from turmoil she decides to answer a matrimonial ad. But fears from her past have her firmly set against having children.

Frank Lowe has spent his life establishing himself as a cattle rancher in Colorado. Now assured that he can provide for a wife and children, he is seeking a bride to enjoy his life with, and to fulfill his dreams. Surprised to find a woman so well suited to ranch life, he is more eager than ever to start a family, but his hopes are soon dashed by her refusal to become a mother.

With both Frank and Clara firmly set in their hopes, can they come to an agreement? Or will their distant fears and farfetched dreams tear them apart? Will their love prevail?

Plagued by an Amish Family Feud

Jacob is the one man she is certain her father will never approve of!

Lydia Yoder has paid little attention to matters of the heart. That suddenly changes when a handsome young man offers his assistance after a near accident. He is Jacob Stoltfus, of the Stoltfus family that her father has detested for years. The reason is unclear but Lydia knows her father would never approve of their courtship.

Jacob is overjoyed at the thought of finding a job on the Yoder farm. As one of the biggest corn operations in the county he knows he will learn a great deal working for John Yoder. He also knows that he and his father have harbored differences for years.

Will Lydia and Jacob find love or will their family’s feud ruin their future? Can past wrongs be forgiven? Find out in this sweet Amish romance.

Safe in the Arms of a Highlander

Aileen Murray’s day is unthinkable. First, she is waylaid by men as she picks flowers. Soon after she finds out from the laird–the most feared man she has ever seen–that she will be his prisoner until her father settles his outstanding debt.

When she meets Malcolm, everything changes. Hope is in her heart.

The moment he spots Aileen in that dungeon, Malcolm is spellbound and angry. He will not sit and watch his father lock up the love of his life.

He must free her even if it means going against the laird. Even if it means the end of him.

Will loyalty and protocol triumph over love and compassion? How will they escape the laird’s iron clad ruling?

Laura & the Duke

Andrew Hartley, the Duke of Kent, is a man in despair, following the tragic death of his wife during childbirth.

Although there is a profound joy found with the two sons the duchess left behind, the obstinate duke finds it difficult to let go of his memories to embrace the possibilities of the present.

Miss Laura Williams, the charming kind-hearted governess has been in the employ of the duke since the birth of his youngest son. Her attributes are noticed and despite her best intentions, finds herself falling for the grief-stricken duke.

The Dowager Duchess of Kent wants better for her son and is inclined to speak her mind. To complicate matters further, there is a foreboding shadow in their midst who would do anything to ensure the duke finds love somewhere else but in the arms of Miss Williams.

Will the duke and Miss Williams overcome all obstacles to accept their undying love, or will misfortune strike again?

From Soldier Spy to Lord - The Collected His Majesty's Hounds Series - Volume 1: Sweet and Clean Regency Historical Romance (His Majesty's Hounds Collected)

Love, intrigue, heroism and more, set amongst the glittering ballrooms of the Regency era!

This is the first volume of the Collected His Majesty’s Hounds series, and contains Books 1 to 3, which are ‘Claiming the Heart of a Duke’, ‘Intriguing the Viscount’ and ‘Giving a Heart of Lace’.

The series is comprised of 17 books. This is the first collected set – more will follow.

The series follows the life of six men (and their families and friends), who spent the latter part of the Napoleonic wars as an intelligence unit in Wellington’s army in France and Spain, as they return to England at the end of the wars, and take up the reins of their civilian lives again, and navigate the complexities of society and the ton.

Where they left England as second sons, many now return as Lords, with all of the resultant responsibilities - which includes marrying and begetting an heir. Of course, along the way, they each find love, but the course of true love is not always smooth!

Immerse yourself in their lives, and the regency era, and be swept away by love!

The Whole series comprises:

Claiming the Heart of a Duke

Intriguing the Viscount

Giving a Heart of Lace

Being Lady Harriet's Hero

Enchanting the Duke<

Redeeming the Marquess

Finding the Duke's Heir

Winning the Merchant Earl

Healing Lord Barton

Kissing the Duke of Hearts

Loving the Bitter Baron

Falling for the Earl

Rescuing the Countess

Betting on a Lady's Heart

Attracting the Spymaster

Courting a Spinster for Christmas

Restoring the Earl's Honour (coming soon)

If you love Regency romance, great historical romance, and stories with great characters, you'll love these !

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